You are not your resume, you are your job

Taking the phrase "You are not your curriculum, you are your work" by Seth Godin, in fact we should not be defined, in the world of work, just by a curriculum, even if it is in it that we put all our qualifications and experiences .

However, all these points do not demonstrate our reality, as no one knows how many hours of study and effort it took to achieve the key points we mentioned in the document, nor what we needed to do to improve each one, either. be it in our academic and personal life or in our professional life.

No doubt it is not a simple curriculum that will define what we are as professionals, let alone what we are as a human being. When I say being human, I mean being a person with good values ​​and principles, respect and at the same time having compassion for others (knowing how to be a good collaborator and a good co-worker). Nowadays, what companies are looking for is not at all someone with the best average, with rare exceptions, but someone who can do a little of everything, or at least someone who is proactive, hardworking, creative, eager to learn and, at the same time, humble, of course.

In short, when creating a good resume, you must be aware that “you are not a resume”. However, it is up to him to depend on getting a job. With effort, dedication and commitment, you can be an excellent professional, far beyond what is on your resume or the academic degree you have (or not). That is why interviews are so important to be able, in words, and within minutes, to demonstrate what you are as a professional.


Mariana Vieira

Degree in Secretarial and Business Communication.

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