WhatsApp Business: What are the benefits?

Unsurprisingly, the WhatsApp It is one of the most widely used applications in the world. Its practicality and functionality has made the application one of the main tools for rapid communication. It was, therefore, these characteristics that captured the attention of companies and the Facebook, currently responsible for the application, did not let this detail go blank.

A new application very similar to the original one, but aimed at companies - was launched. WhatsApp Business. The application can now be installed anywhere in the world. The version is designed especially for the business world, with features specific to those who want to establish a channel between business and customer.

Because it is still relatively recent, many doubts arise. What is available in the app and what are its benefits?

Below are some of the advantages that the new application brings.

Metrics: To know if your market presence goes as expected, it is critical that a company be aware of metrics and statistics. This question is also valid for the issue of communication and relationship with the customer, where the WhatsApp Business becomes quite efficient. To help with measurement, the application provides an area for this type of query. You just need to go to the "Settings" tab and then "Settings" - "Statistics".
There you can check the most different information: how many messages were sent by the account, if they were properly delivered to the recipients and if they were read and received. Through this data, it is easier to identify what fails and where it can improve service, as well as to define if it will be used only to talk with the consumer or as a tool for advertising and dissemination.

Tag the contacts: if the goal is sales through the WhatsApp Business, there is a very attractive feature: the tags. With them, the user can label the contacts according to the sale status, so that no steps are delayed or lost during the process. “New Customer”, “New Order”, “Unpaid”, “Paid” and “Done” are some of the available tags, however you can always create your own tags.

Send automatic messages: the company must establish a customer service schedule via WhatsApp Business. However, there are many consumers who do not have time to resolve outstanding issues during the set period. Therefore, these consumers cannot and should not be left unanswered. The application has the option of programming and sending automatic messages.
Options for this action are called “absence message”, “greeting message” and “reply template”. With them, the customer receives the announcement that the company cannot serve them at the moment, but will contact them as soon as possible.
Remember that this feature should not be used full time. There is nothing to replace a personalized, close and pleasant customer service.

Legal Security: o WhatsApp has terms of use with which we have to agree if we want to use the app. Among them is the ban on using the original application for marketing. So if you have a regular account and use it to send promotional material, your business information, and products, you risk losing the account.
Losing access to an account that several customers communicate with regularly can be disastrous for a business.
With the use of WhatsApp Business, has the permission of the platform to promote your business and distribute the material you need, legally ensuring that you will not lose your channel.


Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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