What can Webrooming bring you?

Webrooming is a relatively recent consumer behavior and can work for the benefit of a small company.

Webrooming is a term that defines the act of the consumer to search for products online, but end up buying them in a physical store.
On the other side we have the Showrooming where customers use stores as a showroom to examine products and make a decision on which to choose, but make the final purchase online.

You hear, everywhere, traditional traders complaining “the internet is killing my business!”. Many are frustrated as consumers often come in, look at the products, but end up buying online.

As such, small businesses can lose money when customers use the showroom to explore and then return home and purchase the product elsewhere.

However, it is to be noted that most people prefer to buy in physical stores; the thrill of seeing, touching and even smelling your new discovery is more appealing than convenience and generally better prices for online shopping. In addition, returning something purchased on the internet is not always an easy process.

So it is necessary to learn how to take advantage of Webrooming, as it can help small businesses to recover the land they lost.

To make Webrooming work for your business, you should always highlight the benefits of buying from a physical store. A great idea is to focus on engaging customers with an experienced sales team (expert advice is always a great help) and offering incentives, such as discounts or customer loyalty programs. Try to include the convenience of online shopping in the store experience, allowing customers to choose in-store purchases or ordering the products they want in different colors, sizes, models, etc. Perhaps the most effective way to get customers back to your store and do some advertising is to engage shoppers via social media.

Although Showrooming can be negative, Webrooming presents an opportunity that you should take advantage of. By improving the overall quality of your website and developing cross-channel purchasing capabilities, your business will prosper.

Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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