To be avoided in email marketing

Before we understand what we should avoid in email marketing, we need to understand what the concept consists of.

E-mail marketing is a communication strategy that is based on sending e-mails from a company to its customers and leads.

There are different types of e-mail marketing, the most used are those that highlight promotions and offers, those that inform you of updates and relevant news about the company and those that welcome you.
However, there are things to avoid:

Desperate attempt to sell

Constantly sending emails trying to sell ends up damaging your reputation. Customers will find you desperate. Merge with different and informative content.

Do not target campaigns

The lack of segmentation of the public is one of the reasons why an E-mail Marketing campaign has very low results. It is essential to realize that sending a large volume of e-mails does not mean getting more results. The best practice to reach your audience is to send the right message to the right audience, at the right time, associating the customer's interest with the content offered.

E-mails with lots of images

Avoid images in the message you send, as images are often blocked and emails are placed in spam, never reaching the audience. One of the worst mistakes in email marketing is using too many images or just one image that explains the campaign. Opt for appealing text and a link that redirects the customer to the main content.

Buy email list

This is another quite common mistake. Buying business email lists for email marketing is much easier than creating a list from scratch. It is also a quicker and easier way to get started in digital marketing and so it continues to be used even though many people know that it is not a recommended practice. However, this practice greatly damages your company's image and reputation in the eyes of consumers. e-mail services.

Do not test before sending

The well-known A / B test, consists of dividing the public and sending content with design and different subjects for each group. Thus, it is possible to compare which email model generates the most results.
It is also very important, before triggering email marketing, to perform a test send to check the view in the various emails: Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. This is essential, as it is impossible to have 100% compatibility with all software email and webmails.


Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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