The Importance Of Creating A Creative Resume

I don't know if you know, but the Curriculum vitae in the model Europass It is already out of fashion. Today, and with the many resumes that are delivered to companies, the CV that stands out is the one that has the most creative design and is appealing to read.

1 - Reasons Why You Should Create a Creative Resume:
  • It is the first impression the employer will have of you;
  • Determines whether you have a professional profile that meets company expectations;
  • It mirrors your ability as a creative professional.

No doubt a well-done resume makes a difference when your goal is to attract the employer's attention and get the job you want.


2 - What You Shouldn't Do When Creating Your Resume:
  • To lie;
  • Enter outdated information;
  • Say how much you want to earn (only say when asked by the employer);
  • Never make mistakes in Portuguese.


3 - Required details that should be present on your resume:
  • Presentation: Name and contact information;
  • Summary of your qualifications: Talk a little about yourself (maximum 3 or 4 lines) and mention your qualifications for the job;
  • School background: Highlight the most important backgrounds, first the Masters (if you have one), then the degree and other courses you think make sense to mention for the job you are applying for;
  • Additional Skills: Include relevant information, such as your software skills, participation in lectures and seminars, or volunteer projects.


4 - Design is Key

You don't have to be a design star to create a creative resume. However, design is critical for your resume to stand out and to be seen by those who are recruiting it. The Canva digital platform ( offers a number of very creative and easy-to-work curriculum templates. Enjoy!


Mariana Vieira

Degree in Secretarial and Business Communication.

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