Samsung ceases to be produced in China

We all know that China is the place where the most technology is produced for all major brands. The factors for this choice are well known and accepted by everyone. However, the Samsung closed its last factory in the country, ceasing to produce smartphones.

For many years the Korean brand has based much of its production of smartphones in China as it achieves the lowest production prices and with good quality workmanship. However, towards the end of 2018, it has already closed some factories in the country, stating that they want to improve the efficiency of their company.

Labor costs are rising and, on the other hand, the economic slowdown has not helped sales of major brands. Unfortunately, no major improvements are expected in the near future.

Although Samsung has closed factories in China, it intends to continue in the Chinese market, where it has only 1% of its sales. smartphonesbut argues that it is an important point and where you want to continue to be.

Now there is the challenge ahead of Apple and Huawei's competition, which for us consumers is always good, as there is price competitiveness!


Mariana Vieira

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