Pinterest Marketing Strategies

O Pinterest It could be one of the best social networks to attract your potential customers through the “visual world” today. It is a social network based on what people think, and the subjects are generally presented through images.

It is still a distant reality in Portugal, but the truth is that in markets like the United States, the Pinterestoften has better results than the well-known social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ e Youtube, because traffic from Pinterest It is 90% of visual involvement.

And why not make a difference and use Pinterest to improve your business.

Here are some tips for achieving “success success”:

1. Increase visibility by pinning content from multiple sources - This broadens your connections. As soon as other people realized that you posted your content, they quickly started posting yours as well. On Pinterest, you get what you give.
This is an important step when starting your sales.

2. Find your target audience - Some niches are more popular in Pinterest than others (such as fitness, fashion, food, etc.), however, that doesn't mean you won't have the desired audience! All you have to do is look for ideas associated with your niche.

3. Develop a business account - When properly optimized, a business account in the Pinterest will help you grow your online presence and do a lot of business on the platform.

4. Promote on other social networks - O Pinterest It's probably not the only social network you have, so use all other channels to highlight your profile. Share the posts do Pinterest on different social networks

5. Organize a hobby - O Pinterest It's huge in contests. Remember to use the rules of the competition to your advantage (by having participants follow it, for example) and make sure that all rules are followed. Don't forget to offer attractive prizes and you'll be on your way to increasing traffic flow.

6. Use the call to action in your pin description - It is part of the promotion methods in the Pinterest. Each pin should have something that encourages action, such as “Click on link to know more!".

7. Use a maximum of 3 hashtags by pin - Overuse hashtags provides lower pin ratings because it is considered a spam.

8. Make all your content pinable - One of the most effective ways to confirm that your content is generating sales and conversion is by presenting a “Pin” button on everything you do online courses.

9. Learn from your followers.

Follow these marketing strategies in Pinterest and will see your business grow.


Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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