Peoople: Everything you need to know

Peoople is one of the most talked about applications in Portugal in the last few days. Also known as the “money-making application”, the Peoople has reached many Portuguese and Americans in recent weeks.

It is a Spanish application and has been on the market for about 3 years. This was tested, initially, by influencers Spaniards who were constantly being bombarded with questions like: “where are your pants from?”, “what series do you advise?”, “what products do you use on your hair?”. That's where Peoople came in. The application made life easier for many influencers, not only because it is practical and fast, but also because it quickly made a splash in Spain.

What does it consist of?

A Peoople is a recommendations application, where you can recommend anything you want. From movies and series to recipes and restaurants. It is a very accessible and easy to use, intuitive application. You create a collection and you can add products, leaving comments.
For example, you create the “Restaurants” collection and add the restaurants you advise, describing your experience. In this way, you will answer many people's doubts and take immense people to know sites, products and services that they would never think about and who, perhaps, will change their lives.
In fact, the application is quite useful, but what draws more and more people to the app is the fact that you can make money with some ease.

It's safe?

Yes. There are several sources that have already made a lot of money with the app and without any problems.

But how can you make money?

When you create an account, you start at level 1 - Rookie. Only after level 2 - Influence - do you start making money. However, it is worth saying that reaching level 2 is quite easy.
All you need to do is go through the proposed tasks:
- Go 5 days in a row to the app;
- Take 5 friends to the app;
- Upload a profile photo;
- Create 2 public collections;
- Give 20 likes in different recommendations;
- Have 10 followers.

Only after these tasks are completed do you reach the Influencer level and that's when you start accumulating money in your wallet.
The app's algorithm goes through 3 focuses:
1) All interactions that take place in the app (likes, profile visits, people sharing your recommendations, etc.);
2) People you can bring to the app;
3) Sales commission - when recommending a product with Amazon's sales link and someone buying, for example.
However it is very easy to earn money just from interactions!


How can the application pay us?

A Peoople makes money through commissions, as there are many brands that pay to appear.

When can you withdraw your money and how?

You can only withdraw your money from the moment you accumulate € 10 in your wallet. You can then ask to transfer the money to your account. All you have to do is give your name and NIB.

It is a really safe process. Many people already receive money due to the app! Some even take more than € 600.

The more people who join the app, the more we win!

If you are interested in creating an account, I leave you with these two links that take you directly to the account creation (easier via mobile phone):

Create your account here
Create your account here

It's worth trying! Good luck!

Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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