New SMS scams scare the Portuguese

Nowadays there are attacks that are often difficult for the “victim” to realize that he is being defrauded! However, hackers have used SMS again to take advantage of the new rules on bank security, which came into force recently.

This is due to the fact that banks and several payment service providers in the European Union have been forced to "strong authenticate". “Strong authentication” is a procedure that the bank or service provider performs to make payments. The purpose of scammers is to be able to validate their identification and the legitimacy of their use of the payment service.

According to the information, false messages have already been detected with a sender from Caixa Geral de Depósitos and BPI. SMS alerts customers to the fact that “the user has been disabled for security reasons”. In addition, SMS includes a link with the indication “active now”.

In addition to banking, there is also message information circulating on behalf of CTT, Worten and Netflix.

If you have received an SMS from your bank, confirm that it is not a scam!


Mariana Vieira

Degree in Secretarial and Business Communication.

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