New edition of UNO game for the blind

Unfortunately, a simple card game is impossible for the visually impaired. However, in order to adapt this game for many people, Mattel (maker of UNO decks) will release a new inclusive version of the game, with braille description of the cards so that the blind can have fun too.

Therefore, the game will no longer depend only on the colors of the cards to function, and can now be played by those who have lost their sight. This update is due to the partnership between Mattel and the National Federation of the Blind, the largest and oldest blind rights organization in the United States. In addition to the braille cards, the game will also have a braille presentation in its box and of course game information on the back of each card.

The UNO game is always making updates to suit the needs of various consumers. Emm 2017 have launched a UNO for colorblind, with the marking of the iconographic stamps of the universal color code, ColorADD, which indicates the color of each card.

The visually impaired edition will be sold in the US for the time being but is expected to be sold worldwide soon.


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