More security in Messenger

Security is an essential element these days!

From wearing masks to disinfectant gel now, too, users of mobile operating systems are more secure.

These users can have their data consulted and obtained in several ways, the most basic being when they deliver their smartphone the other person.

It is therefore essential to have protections in apps to prevent them from being accessed. Simple options like biometrics can be adopted. The highlight now goes to the novelty launched by Facebook protocols for Messenger in the operating system iOS, increasing the security of this Whatsapp with the use of Face ID or touch ID.

More data security in the iOS :

By blocking access to Whatsapp with biometrics, the user is protected from unwanted access to his data and conversations.

It is for this reason that the Facebook now gave to Messenger o App Lock. Using the Face ID or the touch ID da Apple, in Whatsapp it is more protected and only the user can open and use it. Its activation is done according to the time defined by the user.

These are excellent news for anyone who uses Messenger No. iOS. O Facebook is focused on improving your security, further protecting users and their data.

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Bruno Carvalho

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