Incognito mode on Google Maps

User security and privacy are two of the key criteria that Google is concerned with integrating into all of its developments, and of course, Google Maps app should be no exception.

This came a few days ago, when it turned out that the company was testing a great feature and is now slowly coming out for everyone. THE anonymous mode is ready for use in Google Mapswithout leaving any trace on your smartphone, as when using other private browsing modes on the market. So in the operating system Android, you can now observe and use the new feature.

Account switching (to anonymous) is then performed in the user management area, which should present a new option and will therefore give you access to Google Maps anonymous mode, ready to use.

In short, when enabled, this mode will prevent Google from tracking your location searches and navigations, and will work in the same way as all other Google services with this feature (Google Chrome, YouTube, etc.).

Although still only available on Android, this update will reach all operating systems in the coming weeks, allowing you to “open doors” for a more relaxed use of the application and of course its anonymous mode.

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