Millennium bcp already charges MB WAY

The bank Millennium bcp announced that, starting today, June 17, will start charging all users of the famous interbank solution, which allows to establish immediate transfers between different banks, purchases online courses e offline, create virtual cards for greater security and withdraw cash without bank card: the MB WAY.

Millennium bcp now joins Banco BPI in the collection of MB WAY transfers but, as far as Filipengine was able to ascertain, there are more banking entities that will follow this path.

So far, many users have been using this service at zero cost because of the practicality it offers. However, after BPI announced that it would charge for its use, it is time for the Millenium BCP to announce that it will take exactly the same measures, and the values ​​of the commissions applied are not at all sympathetic.


How much will a transfer per MB WAY cost?

Do not panic! From now on, if you are a BCP customer, you will be charged 0,52€ by transfer, if the transaction is performed via the bank's app, and by 1,248€if you use the official MB WAY app.

Even so, there are customers who will be exempt from these fees: the so-called “frequent customers”. See below the Commission and Expenses Leaflet, provided by the bank, for a better understanding:


What other banks will also charge for the service?

According to information already given to the public, Banco Santander is expected to be the next to enter the universe of MB WAY charges, but not yet announced.


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