Microsoft Brings Internet to Worldwide

Microsoft, through the Airband program, aims to bring the Internet worldwide, which will impact more than 40 millions by 2022.

This project will reach populations in Africa and Latin America, as they are the most urgent places and where this action will have the most value.

Microsoft's 2017-based Airband program will bring the Internet to the most rural areas of the United States. After completing this mission, which has connected more than 3 million Americans to the network, Redmond's company wants to expand it to international territories.

After the founding of the program, Microsoft invested in Colombia and Ghana. In Colombia, for example, 6 million people were connected, including two schools and five farms.

In Ghana it was possible to prepare a population of 800 thousand people for the reception of Internet connection.

In the next phase, Microsoft will focus primarily on Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. The plan is to study the best and most innovative technologies to bring the Internet to these places.

Fortunately, Microsoft is not the only company to invest in this mission. Google, with its Next Billion Users program, and Facebook, with its drones and satellites, also aim to achieve the same goal.

These companies, by investing in these programs, which will bring more people to the Internet world, will be more likely to be able to captivate more users for their services and products.


Mariana Vieira

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