The new iPhone XI will have a triple camera

Although aware that the presentation of the new generation of smartphones Of course, Apple will certainly not happen before September (as we have become accustomed to), rumors and leaks have been around for a long time. Unable to be immune to this kind of information, Filipengine observed another major revelation this morning: a new video concerning the long-awaited iPhone XI on 360º.

To the best of our knowledge, the source of the audiovisual content claims that it has already managed to obtain the dimensions of the equipment, as well as other essential features for the user.

IPhone XI arrives in September

Based on the notorious abundance of rumors surrounding this new device, the triple camera is once again emphasized, as you may have already heard (since the end of 2018 this triangular feature has been because it is constantly being suggested by brand supporters).

California's responsible industry should then submit the device during your next September event.

For now, it is well known that the dimensions of the iPhone XI will be 143,9 x 71,4 x 7,8 mm which, in a nutshell, will be very similar to the current iPhone XS with 143,6 x 70,9 x 7,7 mm.

The triple camera

The big bet for this year will undoubtedly focus on the camera that will have a triple and triangular configuration.

In addition, we have indications that your entire back will be made solely and exclusively with a single pane of glass, which will give you a more even look even on camera. It is also expected that the notch slightly reduced in the new generation.

Some other small changes will also be visible: a new placement for the secondary microphone, such as a new format for the iPhone switch. Contrary to what users expected, the port lightning will remain unchanged but, to get around the situation, Apple should finally offer an 18W fast charger (included in the box) - higher than the current 5W.

Revealing Video

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