iPhone 11: Apple's New Release

The new iPhone 11 is the latest point of order in the US market. Smartphones, introducing 3 new models that demonstrate Apple's innovativeness.

Angled camera
The major investment of this new release was undoubtedly photography and improved usability, the only problem is that much of what was presented as novelty has been around for a long time in the universe. Android. IPhone 11 has opted for a more conservative camera that looks wide and angular. However, LG, Galaxy and Huawei had already introduced this camera model.

Front camera
As slofies, or selfies em slow motion are a new use of slow motion in the front camera. Rare smartphones that have this setting.

Night photography and low light
Apple bet on a set of cameras that can capture images in night mode and photographs without light, which was undoubtedly an asset that the public reacted with great enthusiasm.

As among Dolby Atmos
Finally the iPhone will have a more advanced sound as you bet on the system Dolby AtmosUndoubtedly it was one of the major updates and improvements.

Fast charge
Just in the case of the 11 Pro iPhone, Apple chose to bring a fast charging charger (18W). This will be present in the box of the device, to be used from the first use, since until now it had to be purchased separately.


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