Instagram already allows you to “experiment” with articles

As everyone knows, Instagram has been developing its commercial side for several years.
Once you have implemented the functionality of ecommerce, the platform continues to gather Features with the goal of gradually becoming more friends with potential consumers, brands and, of course, shopping online courses.

Now with the Spark AR, an augmented reality platform developed by Facebook, makes it possible to try articles, virtually, directly in the Instagram application.

In a statement, the company confirmed that it is already feasible to try Ray-Ban and Warby Parker glasses, for example, as well as various MAC and NARS make-up lines, and is accessible through posts made, their pages and the stories. For now, this feature allows you to test make-up shades and glasses with different frames and lenses, allowing you to try and buy different types of lipstick in real time.

This news is available on the latest version of the App on iOS and Android.


Filipe Martins

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