Awesome Web Design Trends in 2020

In all fields of design there is a constant evolution and the web design sector has not been left behind.
Some elements and features of web design never go out of style, such as responsive designs, ease of use and high loading speed. However, the web design trends listed below are innovative and will be highly popular in 2020.

Asymmetry of elements
The layout is very important for the overall design of the website. It starts with a blank page where the different elements are placed, such as text, buttons, images, logos, etc. The way these elements are arranged and organized is crucial for good web design.
Over the past few years, a symmetrical layout has been considered a design pattern, but that layout can make your site look boring. The 2020 revolution will be asymmetrical, which can make your site fun, unique and appealing. We can see an example of a website with perfect asymmetry in the image below (Date-Data):

However, remember not to overdo the asymmetry of your website, otherwise it can become chaotic and complex for users. Balance in an asymmetric design is always necessary.

Large fonts and typography
Of all the elements of web design, the text is generally considered to be the least exciting. Typography is excluded as part of the overall design of the website. But in 2020, typography and large, bold and personalized fonts will be a big trend!
Let the words on your site speak louder. Be adventurous with the variety of letter and size options. You can even use tools and software to create custom fonts.

Vector Graphics
With the increase in the use of mobile devices, traffic on websites from people using mobile phones has been considerably higher than traffic from computers. These statistics led to the emergence of 'designs for mobile devices', which means that the web design process now prioritizes mobile users, creating responsive websites.
The use of vector graphics will continue to be a fundamental trend in 2020. Unlike other anti-mobile image formats, they are pixel-free vector images that adjust to any screen size without distorting image quality.

Strong, bright colors
The correct use of colors on your website can transform you. Neutral colors have always been a safe option, but it can make the site look boring and simple. If you want to stand out, use bright and strong colors.
Using vibrant, high-saturation colors is a simple and effective way to make your site look eccentric and appealing.
Strong colors are a trend to follow in 2020. You can even use certain colors to evoke certain feelings in the user. For example, the color blue creates a feeling of calm and reliability, the red denotes energy and passion and the green symbolizes nature and freshness.

Shapes and animations
Shapes and micro animations can have a significant impact on the user experience. The use of straight lines and geometric shapes used to be a big trend until 2019, but the future of web design is fluid and non-geometric shapes. They are shapes that do not involve straight lines.
The use of fluid forms results in a better division of space without the use of severe lines and angles. Along with shapes, micro animations also make your website interactive and fun.

Minimalist designs make your website look simple and, at the same time, sophisticated. Minimalist design is also expected to remain popular in the near future.
A good minimalist design goes through few elements on the page, using the negative space to draw the viewer's attention. The minimalist design's trick is not to "overdo" the design and keep it clean and exposed.

Smart videos
Videos are the most powerful way to get attention, as they can transform your website and make it more eye-catching.
Adding a video to your website can make it less boring. There are a few things to consider before deciding to include videos: the purpose of the video, the channel and the total number of videos.
Embedding a YouTube video on your website for video content is wrong practice. You need to use a high-quality, well-designed video that conveys a meaningful message or has a purpose and follows the overall design of your website. It is also a good practice to use a well thought out video instead of many. The last thing you want is a bunch of nonsense videos on your site, which overwhelm the interface and confuse visitors.

Projects adapted for the disabled
Inclusion and accessibility are increasingly important concepts. This gave rise to a trend: sites adapted for the disabled. They are inclusive, accessible and welcoming sites for everyone, with a design that prioritizes users with different disabilities.
Some features of websites adapted for people with disabilities are the use of subtitles for people with color blindness or visual impairments, the transcriptions of videos for visitors with hearing impairments and the integration of voice commands for people with physical disabilities.

In the web design industry, keeping up with the latest trends is extremely important. If you are a web designer or a company that wants your website to be designed, it is crucial that you know what the trends are, because the success of your website depends a lot on it. Because remember, nobody likes an outdated and boring site!

Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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