If you have a smartTV, your data may be stolen!

Almost every citizen currently has a smartTV at home. These smart TVs, with applications that can be connected to the Internet, are present in the daily lives of many people and, as a result, vulnerabilities tend to arise.

Recent studies show that companies like Netflix, Facebook and Google are receiving confidential data from users of these televisions. SmartTVs are the new spies of our lives, among them are the brands Samsung, LG and even dongles de streaming Roku e FireTV da Amazon.

In the case of Netflix, data was sent regardless of whether or not the user had an account with the service. Even if the TV was off, there was data sharing.

Targeted Advertising

Today we are all on the Internet and therefore we know that much of our actions are constantly being scrutinized by the big advertising companies. The goal is to offer what will interest us most at any given time in our lives.

In a study by Princeton University, targeted advertising is also gathering information from smarTVs and streaming associated. Some of the companies that profited the most from this data collection and sharing were: Amazon, in Google, in Akami and Microsoft products.


Mariana Vieira

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