You can now schedule emails in Gmail!

Some argue that Gmail is the best email client on the market, which makes sense to many but not so much to others! It is not always easy to please everyone however, while developer one can (should), yes, work to provide the best intuition to other users of the platform / tool.

Over the years, Google has introduced new features that cooperate in managing and producing email.

This article is relevant to anyone who has a Gmail account and wants to easily schedule an email!

We have all come across at least once with the thought of how good it would be if we could schedule automatic sending of emails. I speak of the wonder of thinking that on day X to hour Y that email will actually be sent to the recipient without our direct intervention.

Imagine this situation:

John spent the whole week updating his resume to send him to a company and thus apply for a particular ad until Monday's 12: 00h, but when he finished he noticed in a little big detail: it was 05: 00h at dawn and it was Sunday! As instructed, he knew beforehand that he should not send at such times, as this could fall directly into the spam box of the inherent Human Resources department. How could John solve such a situation, since something unexpected had arisen and he would not be at home all day?

It was just thinking about this and other situations that Google introduced us to another great feature in Gmail. Now you can schedule your shipment for the day and time you want!

How can I schedule emails in Gmail?

It's simple!

Like any other Google feature, this is a super intuitive procedure!

To be able to schedule an email just follow these steps:

  1. write the desired email, attaching the documents you want, if you wish;
  2. click on the upward pointing arrow located next to the Submit;
  3. select option Schedule Shipping;
  4. you can choose from one of the solutions presented by the platform or, alternatively, choose to send in a custom way where, as its name implies, you will be able to set the day and time you want.

In parallel with these new Features, Google has been showing that at this stage it has a very well defined goal: to further integrate services in future times. The email platform will then continue to progress and may be intertwined with Google Docs.

What do you think about this news? Is it useful to you?

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