How to cut down on plastic?

Plastic and disposables were undoubtedly a great invention, but we need to keep them to a minimum because of the pollution they are causing on our planet.
We give you some tips that you should start implementing now.

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1 - Say No to Disposable Straws

Instead of using plastic straws, you can opt for metal straws. They are washable and you can use it many times! When going to restaurants, deny the straw, because it is not necessary at all.


2 - Choose Products That Are Not Packed In Plastic

When shopping, take those cloth bags that were used in our grandparents' time, you can use them to bring the vegetables and fruit. For toiletries, opt for the soaps that are wrapped in paper. The same goes for butter… Anything you can bring from shopping that is not wrapped or wrapped in plastic can always be a good option. A great solution is to choose to buy loose products.


3 - Recycle Correctly

Whatever you can recycle, do it. Normally, on all packages, they already indicate which ecopoints to put them in.


4 - Reuse

There are packaging that you can reuse and do something useful and different. For example Ferrero Rocher boxes, why not use them to organize your drawers? Use your imagination and you will see that you will be amazed at yourself.


5 - Dispose of Plastic Bottles

As mentioned in the previous article, you can dispose of the plastic bottles and use the glass bottles and fill them according to the amount of water you need for your daily life.


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