How to keep customers on your site?

Do you know how to keep your potential customers on your website?
When planning and creating a website it is important to keep in mind what visitors want to see and how to make them fall in love with your website.
These are some of the main things that will please your website visitors and that will keep them reading your content longer:

There is no time to lose. People are increasingly busy and have no way of wasting time analyzing and looking for information. Therefore, on your website, you should make your visitors' lives as easy as possible, for example, by intuitively labeling your navigation pages.
Naming your pages with "About", "Services" and "Contacts" is intuitive for visitors, as they do not need to think too much about what each name before clicking.

A contact form is not enough, contrary to what many people think.
Some people hate contact forms and just don't use them, because they are too restrictive and impersonal. However, there are also people who hate to have a telephone conversation, so just the phone number is not enough.
You certainly don't want the lack of contact options to be a barrier for people to get in touch with you! Therefore, give more than one contact option - Social media link, contact form, phone, mobile phone and of course, email. Don't miss anything!

People are generally not at risk with their money; they want to make sure they buy from a trusted, tried and tested source.
You should enhance your site with testimonials, include product reviews, have a list of places where your business has been spoken (online courses, press, etc.).
All of these things show that other people have worked with you and had a good experience, which greatly facilitates the trust of site visitors.

There is nothing more annoying than "landing" on a website, scrolling the page and still not being aware of what the company really does. It's frustrating, and a lot of people don't even bother to scroll - if they don't get the basic information instantly on their homepage, they'll just leave.
Be it a slogan as part of your logo or some introduction text at the top of the page, you obviously need to indicate what you do. Try to use less sophisticated words, be very clear and simple.

As I said earlier, people want to make sure it is reliable. Ensure you have a privacy policy / cookies and all other legal issues covered can leave people at ease.

A good return / exchange policy and your shipping information is an essential requirement for commerce sites online courses, so it is really a necessity!
Do not hide this information in the footer! Make sure everything is clear on every page of the product, how much it costs and how quickly people expect to receive the product.
On a separate page, of delivery / delivery information, it should include: prices and delivery times, what your customers should do if they do not receive an order, a return / exchange policy and who to contact if they want to issue a return / exchange!

Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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