How to increase sales on Black Friday?

Who has never heard of Black Friday? This is a super competitive and profitable day when consumers are predisposed to buy and, of course, receptive to new promotions.

Analysis of global statistics indicates that businesses / companies that adhere to Black Friday In this period, sales increased by around 700%.

Something quite enticing, isn't it? Learn in this article how you can make the most of this very special day by giving a real boost to your business!

Black Friday

In order to contextualize it, the Black Friday It was created in the United States of America, the day immediately after the American Thanksgiving holiday, and also intended to mark the beginning of the holiday season. On this day, people went out to start their Christmas shopping which, as expected, caused huge embarrassment to police forces. Thus came the name Black Friday.

It is known that online shopping came, and a lot, to boost the noise caused by this day. Portugal has not escaped “contamination” and Black Friday It is, increasingly, a day eagerly awaited by the Portuguese.

Own a business or a company? Learn how to stand out by attracting more customers and generating more sales in the face of competition!


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1 - Plan ahead

Haven't started thinking yet? It's time to plan your campaign as early as possible. We recommend that you decide which products and / or services you wish to promote, as well as the discounts you wish to apply to them. For products, make sure you have stock sufficient for any peak sales to ensure that consumer interest is not at all wasted.


2 - Create a solid strategy

After setting your goal exactly, following the previous tip, it's time to think about answering the questions When? and How?. Please note that the public looks forward to Black Friday, which means that if you advertise your promotions too early, you risk seeing your sales reduced by the specific date.

Set when you want to start disclosing your membership of the Black Friday, as well as their conditions and means, to be used in the promotion of their discounts. The options are unlimited. From posts and campaigns on social networks to sending a newsletter to their customers or creating a Landing Page reserved for the day, the goal is just one: to get your message attention on a day flooded with messages from other brands / companies.


3 - Perform Expertly

Get down to business and run your campaign in the media you have defined, remembering that the investment will have to be high since, for such a lucrative day, it will make perfect sense to invest higher values ​​than usual in digital media. Follow your competitors in detail and get the best out of Black Friday!

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