Fed up with unwanted groups on WhatsApp?

If you are a regular WhatsApp user, it will certainly not be new if I tell you that WhatsApp is constantly working to improve its performance and provide you with lots of new features, reflected in new features.

Who has never been added to an unknown group without quite knowing why? Well, it seems that this will no longer be a problem once again thanks to a new feature, designed to give you a better user experience.

Big news comes up now, giving you greater and more effective control of your in-app account: right now, you can now define who can add you to WhatsApp groups.

To do this, all you have to do is open the main menu of the App and access their Definitions. Then you should select the new option: it is called Counts and give you access to user data. From the new list presented, you should choose the option Privacy which in turn will allow you access to the user profile and inherent options.

It is at the bottom of this page that you will find the desired function. It's called Groups and, as expected, is prepared to define who can add the user to new groups, with the option default active is All. Here you can then choose one of the possible 3. If you prefer, you can keep the option All or choose the Contacts only or My contacts except. Needless to say, the latter gives you the ability to access your contact list and decide who may or may not add you to new groups.

This news is already implemented in the trial version of Android and will soon be released to all users (Android and iOS).


Filipe Martins

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