Digital Marketing: Indispensable Tools

Digital Marketing tools are very important allies for any business in Europe. Internet. If you are looking for strategies that make your business online courses grow and thereby increase your sales, these are some of the key tools for effective and results-based Digital Marketing:

O Google Analytics It is a tool widely used by Digital Marketing professionals, as well as effective is free. It serves to monitor the traffic of your website, that is, knowing how many people visit your page.

This is some of the information you will have access to:
- Visits: total number of visitors, pages per session and time of visit;
- Traffic sources: where those who visit the site come from (directly, organically, paid media, social networks, referrals, among others);
- Goals: what were the goals you achieved and what were their origins;
- E-commerce: how is the performance of your online store;
- Marketing: which marketing campaigns generate the best results.

<br>• Google Trends
This tool identifies the most popular terms or phrases your consumers are looking for in Internet: the keywords.

Keywords are extremely important in your marketing strategy because they will attract potential customers to your website.

Another function of this tool is to filter the results by several categories, which facilitates the accuracy of the information searched.

<br>• Google Alerts
Extremely useful, this tool sends alerts by email whenever someone mentions in Internet one of the keywords you highlighted as interest. With it, you can always be up to date on information relevant to your niche.
Thus, the Google Alerts It is essential to keep abreast of what the competition is creating.

• Semrush
Certainly, this is one of the best digital marketing tools for those who have a website, blog, or store online courses. It is a tool for those looking to work with search engine optimization (SEO), but also for those who want to analyze their competitors in depth and understand what they are doing.

<br>• Mailchimp
A very important way to do your business. online courses To grow and sell even more is to use email marketing.

O MailChimp is one of the free tools to send emails most commonly used today.
This allows you to create campaigns of all sizes by simply dragging and dropping elements.
Besides being easy to move, it offers the possibility of generating reports.

• Hootsuite
This is a very useful tool as it makes it easier for you to publish content daily on social networks.
You can set the date and time of publications!

To Hootsuite, you can also analyze the account performance graph, monitor hashtags and keywords.

These are some of the essential tools for successful digital marketing, making your website attract more visitors.

Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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