Before we understand what we should avoid in email marketing, we need to understand what the concept consists of. Email marketing is a communication strategy that is based on sending a company's emails to its customers and leads. There are different types of email marketing, the most used are those that highlight ...
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Messenger Rooms is here! It is true, in times of pandemic, there were several videoconferencing solutions that gained relevance. And, as expected, Facebook was not left behind! Taking advantage of the times when digital platforms are indispensable, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms to compete with platforms such as Zoom, Webex and Teams ....
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It is very important to understand how you are positioned in relation to your competitors, not only to find opportunities, but also to know what can be improved. Many people see competition analysis as unethical, but be aware that they are completely wrong! Competition reports are not unethical. Besides...
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When we talk about social networks, it is common to note the concern of companies to garner a greater number of likes and followers, but it is rare to notice a concern in increasing interaction in publications. And this is often a mistake. The fact that we have many likes or followers does not mean that we can capitalize on them, so ...
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At the height of forty and, at this moment, it is forbidden to serve the public what is not strictly necessary, online stores may be the only way to not stop your business. These have no space restrictions and survive any pandemic. In addition, they also have a wide variety of products. It is an excellent ...
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