Teleworking became the escape for many companies during this troubled period. Telecommuting offers a multitude of benefits, such as lower employee turnover, reduced overhead and improved productivity. However, the implementation of an active teleworking program is not without its challenges. In fact, organizations that take the ...
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Teleworking is the realization and provision of services outside the company, through the use of information and communication technologies, which can be provided at the employee's home, as well as at any other location outside the company. “These days, it makes a lot more sense for the work to go to the workers and not ...
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Due to the current pandemic - Coronavirus COVID-19 - the Portuguese government recently decided that it will proceed to close all schools, ATL and day care centers, starting next Monday, March 16. The establishments mentioned should then be closed by the end of this month, a measure that covers both education ...
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There are many event organizers who wonder how to implement communication strategies at a time when the “appetite” for travel and events has decreased due to COVID-19. Here are some recommendations that can help guide your public relations and marketing approach: Don't try to become a virology expert. Remember of...
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Peoople is one of the most talked about applications in Portugal in recent days. Also known as the “application where you earn money”, Peoople has been reaching many Portuguese and Americans in recent weeks. It is a Spanish application and has been on the market for about 3 years. This was tested, initially, by Spanish influencers who were constantly ...
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