Autonomous and air taxis will start flying over Europe

In the future, closer to us, will we have flying taxis that will transport us in the air, avoiding traffic on the roads?

Volocopter is a startup based in Germany that develops and manufactures aerial, autonomous and electric vehicles. These are called “air taxis” and are ready to go! Their demonstration took place in Stuttgart at the event “Vision Smart City - Experience future mobility today”, organized by Daimler.

The pioneer company in this segment has as its investor the Mercedes-Benz and Smart group and plans, within 5 years, to have a fleet of autonomous air taxis active.

This flying vehicle uses eighteen engines and nine batteries for its travel and is currently limited to 100 km / h and a range of only 27 km. According to the German company, air vehicles fly safely, quietly and are rapidly approaching the implementation stage. However, developments are still ongoing and are intended to alleviate traffic congestion in major cities around the world.

A startup Despite its investment and efforts, Germany already has competitors such as Uber Air and Jet Lilium.


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