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Can't attract and increase customers in your business? Do you try new tactics every week, but nothing seems to work? The good news is that there is a solution!

In this article, you can find the right tactics and strategies to attract and increase the number of customers in your business.

1) Define your persona: who is trying to attract
What to do to let people know that your business exists? This is one of the questions that most afflicts new entrepreneurs and, even some entrepreneurs who have been in business for some time, may also have some problems in attracting new customers.
The first step in attracting your ideal customer is to create a persona. You are probably sick of hearing this, but it is the truth.

Here are two reasons why you need to define your potential / ideal customer:
- You can create the right content and the ideal marketing message to help you reach the right people;
- Creating the right content for the right people will lead to better conversions.

So, how do you define your target audience? Start by answering the following questions:
- What is the need for this market?
- What problem can you solve to your potential customers?
- Who needs the solution that your business offers?
- Who are your competitors? What do they offer the market?

The answers to these questions will help you tailor your marketing message and content so that you can reach the right people.

Once you've defined your ideal target audience or customer, the next step is to come up with a plan to reach them.

2) Build Brand Awareness
The quality of your products or services doesn't matter, if your potential customers don't know you exist.

First, what is brand recognition?
It refers to the degree to which your potential customers are aware of your brand (business) and your products or services.

So, how to build brand awareness?
There are many strategies to attract the attention of your potential customers.
- Get Social - Social network marketing is one of the easiest ways to gain visibility for your business.
If you want to see some success from your effort, the first thing you need to do is choose one or two platforms to focus on. The four major platforms are the Facebook is Twitter is Pinterest and Instagram.
The key is to create engaging and useful content that will help you attract the attention of your target audience.

- Content Marketing - Creating and sharing content that educates your customers is one of the most effective strategies for building brand awareness.
Posts in blogs, videos, infographics, are some types of content that you can create. As long as you provide value to your customers, the format doesn't matter.
Two tips to keep in mind when creating content: Create beautiful and appealing graphics and make your content easy to share.

- Paid Advertising on Social Networks - If you have a budget for this, paid advertising on social networks is an effective strategy to build brand awareness.
The key is to have well-defined goals and understand how advertising works. Advertisements Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular types of ads.
It is very easy to waste money if you do not know what you are doing.

Other strategies you can use to build brand awareness: search engine marketing, partnerships with other companies, participation in events and traditional advertising in local newspapers or magazines.

The next step is to impress them, giving them a lot of value.
3) Create value for your customers
Do you give your customers what they need more effectively than your competitors?

Before you can create value for your customers, you must know their weaknesses and the type of solution they are looking for.
One way to find your weaknesses is to ask them. You can do this with a survey or a question and answer session on social media.
Another thing you can do is pay attention to the type of content they consume or the type of content they are most involved with. Don't forget to pay attention, too, to what they buy or the services they frequently request.

How to create value for your customers?
- Create something useful that solves a real problem.
If you have already purchased a product or paid for a service that has not fulfilled its promise, you know how disappointing it is. So make sure that your offers really help your customers solve the problem.
- Use a pricing strategy that is fair and that makes sense to your audience. We all want to make money in our business. However, each market / industry has a price and a range. Discover the market segment you want to serve. Are your customers in the low, medium or high price range?
Having many satisfied customers will lead to a higher rate of customer retention and referrals for your business. This means more sales and increased profits.
- Focus on your most valuable customers. Do you know that it is easier and cheaper to retain customers than to gain new ones? Many entrepreneurs spend a lot of time trying to attract new customers who forget about existing customers. Instead of trying to attract new customers all the time, create strategies to keep your existing customers.
- Create a good customer experience.

Creating a good customer experience is another way to create value for your customers.

    1. Does it make it easier for customers to purchase?
    2. Do you offer multiple payment options?
    3. Is your return policy fair?
    4. Do your customers feel valued?
    5. Do your customers know how to contact you if they have a problem or are they required to leave messages on your Facebook and Instagram posts?
    6. Do you respond to feedback in a defensive way?

These are the essential steps to attract and increase customers.

Carolina Teixeira

Digital Marketing Technician at Filipengine - Information Systems.

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