RGPD final version approved

Many fallacies have long circulated around the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). What is certain is that this regulation came into force in 2018 and, during this period, several developments have emerged.

It was officially today, June 12, that the competent deputies ratified the final version of the law that ensures the implementation of the regulation in Portugal, with voting scheduled for the near future, opting to maintain the non-creation of a transitional regime to renewal of consent.

According to Agência Lusa, today's meeting “forced” the commission on constitutional affairs, rights, freedoms and guarantees, to ratify the suppression of the rule of the draft law for the execution of the GDPR, which offered companies the possibility of renewing their consent, necessary for the processing of personal data, within six months after the law enters into force.

Of the proposals mentioned, we highlight the consent requirement, in which it was decided not to open / define a new term for the renewal of consent, "prevailing those that applied at the time of the entry into force of the GDPR" as pronounced, before the commission, by socialist deputy Pedro Delgado Alves.

Another amendment considered concerns the personal data that the consular authorities have, to which Portuguese law applies in which Members want to clarify the scope of the

Finally, let's make sense of the consent of minors. With regard to this third amendment, a modification of the proposal was approved, with the objective of "not crystallizing" solutions of the law, extracting expressions such as "digital mobile key" and "citizen card" and replacing itself with the generic reference " appropriate technological means ”.

To top it off, the General Data Protection Regulation was approved by the European Union, introducing a new regime for the protection of personal data, and was designed to protect citizens with regard to the processing of their personal data by large companies. information society companies and services.


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