Analyze the competition

It is very important to understand how you are positioned in relation to your competitors, not only to find opportunities, but also to know what can be improved.

Many people see competition analysis as unethical, but be aware that they are completely wrong! Competition reports are not unethical. In addition to being correct, they are completely necessary.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind beforehand:

- Define who the competitors are

For many, this step may be obvious, but the definition of competitors is not always that easy.
First, direct competitors must be identified, that is, those who are in the same market as yours and who develop products like yours.

The next step is to define indirect competitors.
Indirect competitors are those who satisfy the same need as your brand or who sell similar products. Basically, they end up having the same or similar audience.

After choosing the competitors properly, you must choose the ones that most interest you. They are usually companies located in the same geographic area or with communication similar to yours.

The first step is to define the competitors, the second is to talk to us!
Filipengine - Sistemas de Informação has the best way to analyze your competitors, send you reports and also explain them, suggesting changes.

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