Portuguese innovation is recognized worldwide

The Portuguese continue to be pioneers in discoveries around the world, and the area of ​​medicine is no exception!
Portuguese companies and institutions of higher education and research have been creating solutions that are being recognized in the world. The latest news comes from INESC TEC (Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science of Porto), which has been awarded an unpublished patent for software.

Accurate-BV technology is an innovative medical imaging tool that assists and facilitates tissue procurement for breast reconstruction due to a mastectomy.

The work developed over more than 4 years by researchers Ricardo Araújo and Hélder Oliveira at INESC TEC, entitled “Method and Apparatus for the Segmentation of Blood Vessels”, is the pioneer to focus on the segmentation of blood vessels. small caliber on 3D medical imaging. To this end, it was necessary to develop algorithms to assist radiology teams of hospital units that perform breast reconstructions using the Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforators (DIEP) technique.

Accurate-BV allows for faster and more objective analysis. Thus, radiologists now have at their disposal a tool that greatly reduces their time to analyze images, which allows them to have a more complete and objective surgical planning.

Following the patent granted in Europe, patent applications are currently under consideration in the United States, China and Japan.

Fortunately, we can say that technological developments continue to make major advances in our medicine.


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