Google Maps already shows radars in Portugal

Although the functionality has been available in some territories for a long time, it is now possible to have the perception of the radars installed on Portuguese roads, when using the Google Maps app as a navigational instrument.

If you are a driver, have you ever imagined how good it would be if you could be warned in time when you are about to pass by radar? That would become quite interesting, especially if it “freed” you from any fines related to speeding, don't you think?

It was exactly thinking about this that Google decided to integrate this feature in its renowned navigation application (GPS) - Google Maps -, since there is also already another alternative mobile devices which has gradually become popular because it already has these types of alerts: Waze.

With this, and Filipengine believing that there will certainly also be some spirit of competitiveness among other companies in the market, Maps users will now be able to receive notifications inherent to fixed cameras in a timely manner.

This innovation is indeed interesting. However, it is recommended that drivers remain alert to the road, moderating the speed not only for their safety, and for the safety of the remaining drivers, but also as a precaution for temporary mobile radars that have hitherto , are not yet identified by the application.


Filipe Martins

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